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Close taxes faster, file earlier, collaborate, and
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Transform the leading suite of tax software.

We reimagined the ONESOURCE platform into a unified suite of corporate tax software that improves productivity, ease of use, and empowers accountants on a daily basis. The inclusion of new features, streamlined UX, and standardization of flows and UI across the 15 web based applications revolutionalizes the way these users work, as well as drives business success for Thomson Reuters.

  • Role: Sr. Interaction Designer
  • Date: May 2015
  • Awards: Utility and Design Patents for Data Sheets, SIIA 2015 Codie Awards Finalist for Software Excellence: Best Business Intelligence / Analytics Solution
  • UX Team: Leandro Brasil, Judy Podraza
  • Strategy Team: Sophie Kleber
  • VD Team: Chloe Wong, Nicklesh Soni


ONESOURCE is the leading Corporate Tax Software used in the global industry. It contains over 15 applications that can be used in every step within the tax journey, internal meetings, and data storage. It allows users to save time, reduce errors, collaborate, and ensure consistency by leveraging tax data across multiple applications.

Who uses it?

There are over 10,000 companies and 150,000 users world-wide who work with ONESOURCE. All 7 of the largest global accounting firms and 87% of Fortune 100 companies use the Suite's applications. Entry level accountants and high level managers all use it daily to collaborate and complete work.

Tasks and responsibilities vary between the core user roles:


  • Performs day-to-day work
  • Conducts research
  • Investigates unusual transactions

  • Preparer

  • Reviews reports and filings
  • Requests required documentation
  • Oversees workflows related to reviews

  • Manager

  • Coordinates all workflows
  • Sets up users and manages permissions
  • Suggests new tools to management

  • System-Wide Opportunities

    The UX team took a holistic view of the 15 software programs within 3 product families (ONESOURCE, Onvio, Knowledge Solutions) to analyze areas of improvement. These high level opportunities served as a starting point before diving deep into the specifics of how individual programs could be benefit from a new experience.


    Global Framework

    We defined cross-product priorities by creating an audit of user flows, features, common components, and templates to ensure that our system would be scalable across the entire suite. After completing that holistic exercise through user interviews, stakeholder workshops, and product research, we focused on re-defining 3 of the most used applications within ONESOURCE– ONESOURCE Tax Provision (OTP), ONESOURCE Income Tax (OIT), and Work Flow Manager.


    Animated Vision Studies

    • Core Applications
      Background Image

      For the vision of ONESOURCE Income Tax and Tax Provision, we wanted to make sure preparers and reviewers would be able to easily navigate between binders, entities, and data sheets. For managers, we wanted to make sure they could easily track updates to reports and approve of final deliverables.

    • Workflow Manager
      Background Image

      We focused on giving preparers and reviewers an overview of the status of their obligations and allowed them to quickly view, update, and explore tasks of a data sheets. For managers, we wanted to give them an easy way to get an overview of their workflows and progress towards their long term deadlines.

    • Sketches
      Background Image
      Background Image
      Background Image

      We created high level animated block wireframes to test proposed interaction models. These sketches allowed us to optimize the workflow for accountants and managers to move efficiently between tasks.

    Tax Provision Templates

    We focused on creating a standardized workflow, effortless navigation, and contextual content when creating wireframes for the Tax Provision experience. We also made sure elements and features would be universal across the suite.

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    Software Unveiling

    Watch the exciting unveiling from Synergy, a
    conference for tax and accounting professionals.