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small steps can lead to large goals.

Small things add up.

#itaddsup was a social campaign that sent seven promising junior athletes to Sochi for the 2014 Winter Olympics and also inspired investors to start small and aim high. By using the hashtag #itaddsup prior to the Games, users could directly help give Olympic hopefuls the opportunity to experience their first Olympic Games alongside their mentor Olympian and Paralympian athlete in Sochi. The campaign draws a parallel between the many small steps it takes for athletes to get to the Olympics, with the small investments consumers take towards reading long term investment goals.

  • Role: Interaction Designer
  • Date: December 2013
  • Awards: CLIO Sports Award - Bronze 2014
  • UX Team: Kunal Patel
  • VD Team: Ross Maupin, Jen Tank, Rebecca Liebert, Howard Myint

User Journey

  • Olympian Tweet

    J.R. Celski tweets about a project he’s started with @TDAmeritrade to give 10 junior speed-skaters an Olympics boot camp. It encourages followers to retweet #itaddsup to contribute.

  • Site Discovery

    One of his followers retweets J.R. and decides to learn more about the project by clicking on the link that J.R. included. The user lands on

  • Exploration

    They learn how TD Ameritrade is using #itaddsup posts to invest in the future of aspiring athletes. User notices that they can learn more about how J.R. became an Olympian, and visits his athlete page to see how small moments made a big difference in his life.

  • Participation

    After reading J.R.’s story, the user sees that TD Ameritrade is applying the same philosophy to reaching financial goals. The user re-visits the microsite to follow the campaigns progress, learn about junior athletes, and share content on social media.

User Experience Design

As the Interaction Designer on the project, I created concept sketches, responsive wireframes, sitemaps, and collaborated closely with visual design and strategy to ensure a successful launch of the microsite.

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The Campaign's Impact

By the end of the campaign, TD Ameritrade’s total social media audience grew by 12%, with a 44% increase on Twitter and 12% increase on Facebook. Huge’s work drove 128,000 sweepstakes submissions and 325,000 visits to the website. Our PR outreach about the campaign led to 65 stories in print, online and TV outlets, amounting to 97 million impressions. Coverage included an exclusive story in the New York Times and a live feature on the TODAY Show. The campaign won one of the first-ever CLIO Sports Awards and a Financial Services Standard of Excellence Award from the Web Marketing Association Web Awards.

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