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When Babies"R"Us approached us in the Spring of 2015, their iOS app was indistinguishable from their web experience and had a 1.5 star rating. They were losing market share over more tech savvy competitors because they were not focusing on solving their users' needs. Our approach was to help prepare expecting parents by creating a registry-centric app that educates them on and helps them find the right products. By shifting the focus from a sales driven e-commerce app to an informative registry, the experience would become a tool to help parents navigate the new world of parenthood and build long term trust with the Babies"R"Us brand.

  • Role: Sr. Interaction Designer
  • Date: September 2015
  • Awards: Webby Awards 2016 Honoree
  • UX Team: Christina White, Leandro Brasil
  • VD Team: August Heffner, Travis Webber, Saul Fougnier

Analyzing the previous app

In common user flows in the app, we found clear pain points in the overall flow, navigation, touch targets, account creation, content, and tone. There was a lack of consistency between pages, nonessential copy for informing product selection, extremely slow load times, and a lack of content prioritization and organization. It had the same experience across desktop, mobile web, and the app, so we saw the need to create a unique app experience tailored to it's user's needs.

"This Mobile App is probably one of the Slowest & Worst & unorganized mobile apps I have seen in years. It made it absolutely a nightmare to work on and now forcing me to get up and go drive to the local store instead of conveniently purchasing it here on the app."

Pic App Store Review - 05/27/2015
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Feature Prioritization

At the start of the project, I created a series of cards with features and organized them into higher level groups from the user's journey. Our team of designers, developers, and product managers visited the key stakeholders to assess what features would make it into the product. We discussed whether each feature supported a large use case that would improve the user experience, be worth the development and cost effort, and solve for the business needs. We voted on each feature to create our prioritized list of features.

This workshop allowed us to create a clear product roadmap, and focus for the minimum viable product (MVP). It guided our thinking in designing holistically, allowed us to align with the clients, and helped to define stories for our sprints.

Project Image
Project Image
A Focused Approach

The previous app was unsuccessful because it was trying to do too many things. We shifted away from e-commerce, and created a registry centric app to give guidance to expecting parents.

Easy and Intuitive

We created a simplified user flow that would allow users to quickly browse products, update their registry, and view their checklist. The new registry process is seamless and stress free.

Empower Users

We personalized the app to instill confidence and reassure new parents that they are making the right decisions. We wanted to anticipate user needs and educate users on what may work best for them.


To quickly and clearly communicate ideas to the design and development team, I created rough sketches and wireframes throughout the process. When creating wireframes, we had many concepts around pacing information in a guided way and connecting the registry to the checklist that were later developed into the launched app.

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  • Early Concepts
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  • Sketches
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Take a tour of the app that gives upcoming parents the guidance and confidence they need when preparing for their little ones. The app anticipates customer needs and guides expectant parents through the registry process with an easy to navigate checklist. From the checklist or category pages, users can browse product detail pages where they can read reviews, watch videos, and read information they need to see if a product is right for them. They can add the product to their registry at any time and it will update their checklist.


An amazing app experience.

Stellar reviews from the app store

The app went from a 1.5 star to 4.5 star reviewed experience within a few months of the launch. The overall user feedback has been exceedingly positive with remarks on the new functionality, ease of use, and design of the app. Unfortunately, there have been recent technical errors in the app as Huge is no longer in control of tech maintenance. The app was nominated for a Webby Awards 2016 Honoree for its new design and experience.